herbiwars-Jason-Stefanko-of-gardein-with-john-SalleyToday Vegan Food Share released their first episode of Herbiwars which pins 2 accomplished chefs against each other to produce the most delicious meal using a unique set of ingredients and only 20 minutes to finish. It is billed as thethe world’s first plant based cooking challenge show. Basketball legend John Salley was the host of this episode with chefs Emira Kowalska  of Emira Foods and Jackie Sobon of the popular blog Vegan Yack Attack were the challengers. The competition had 3 famous plant-powered people to judge the competition: the comedian Felipe Esparza, head chef at gardein, Jason Stefanko and the creator of  the site Vegetaryn, Taryn Rasgon.   This episode was supported by gardein one of the most popular plant-based meat companies on the market.  It is not clear yet if all episodes will be in the gardein kitchen or if this will rotate around the country.  Check out the episode below. Also check out their channel which features over a dozen funny and informative videos Vegan Food Share Youtube Channel. I look forward to future episodes of HerbiWars.