Open call for healing,

I’m continuing my fast from Facebook and during this second 40 days I am wanting to heal all hurts in all relationships with anyone that I’ve had in my life. We can do it on the phone, at a coffee shop, or even with a mediator.

Details on the recent journey: Social Media Detox: Fasting Facebook for 40 days & 40 Nights

This open call has no expiration, so if you are interested, I will make time.

I have unblocked every individual with whom there has been dissension. I welcome the opportunity for us to connect.

For Lent I am giving up the following: Fear, Hate, Judgement & Resistance.

You may call me on my phone at (509) 542-7829, Facebook messenger, or email me at to connect.


I will leave you with this excerpt from this amazing book by Alan Cohen called A Deep Breath Of Life.  You can find it on Amazon here. It has daily shares that have completely matched my life every day I read it. Today was a great example. I am ready for radical healing!!!