The Kind and Patient Workout/ Body Sculpting

One of my greatest superpowers is patience. I honed this super power over decades and it affords me the ability to work with almost anyone with ease in my LovingCoop and private computer client support. I choose to take the same route and go with a slow stead win the race attitude with my workouts. Instead of sculpting my body in 6 weeks like so many videos advertise, I am sculpting it over 6 months and beyond. When I began in August 2017 I had no idea if I would get any gains with these methods. People talk about how you must go to the gym daily if you want to get cut. I wanted to see if I could do it on very little effort and with zero additional food. I honestly did doubt it in the beginning but I did immediately see small results of increasing my bench reps and other activities got easier and easier such as wall sits, jumping on the trampoline and pull ups. 

The easiest thing that I could clearly see was my arms and pecks. with a max of just 2.5 hours of body work I was have increased at least 1 rep on the incline bench every week and my arms just keep getting bigger and bigger without any end in sight. As of October 28th, 2017 I have still not hit the proverbial plateau that everyone mentions hitting around 2 months. 

My Unique System:

  • Daily Green Smoothies
  • 2 – Hour Long Full body Circuit Workouts ( Tuesday & Friday at 1pm)
  • 30 Minute Sunday Workout (Sunday at my leisure)
  • 7 or 8 Station Circuit in M Basement
  • Patience and Kind Goals
  • No animal products( Killing Workouts, Not Animals)

My Unique Results:

  • 1+ Additional Rep every week on Bench
  • Incredible Healthy Energy
  • Little To No Pain in Body
    • Very rarely do I feel any pain in my body. At each workout I am absolutely exhausted afterwards but unless I have taken a week or more off or I have added a new muscle group to my series, I normally do not feel my workouts the next day. If I want to feel a workout, I have to really push myself. One Friday I did 5 sets on the bench, at this point I was doing about 23 max reps so I did about 100 reps throughout my day and I also did 4 one minute sessions on the pull up bar. I did feel this workout for 3 days. 
  • No additional Food Intake
    • I am eating my normal about 2000 calorie diet which I have been eating most of my life. With that I am intaking about 50grams a protein daily, appx. 5% of my daily food. 
  • Voice Change Around week 10. 
    • After 10 weeks and the really serious upper body workout mentioned above, my vocal range widened. 3 days after that workout my voice dropped at least an octave. Because it has been a while since this change occurred I have thought about what contributed and one thing that I was doing on top of my workouts was remembering to constantly pull my shoulders down. Initially, the first month or more, this activity hurt a lot. Pain in the upper neck area but after a while it was barely noticeable.