Hello, I’m Joshua Awesome(the story behind my name)—an enthusiastic plant-powered philanthropist, writer, and health advocate residing in Spokane, WA. My journey into the world of plant-based living and advocacy spans over three decades, starting at the age of 12 when I made a significant decision to stop consuming animals, inspired by an impactful moment at Burger King. Despite this early commitment, it took me nearly 19 years to fully eliminate dairy from my diet. The turning point came in 2013 when, prompted by the emotional impact of witnessing a girlfriend watch Earthlings in the next room. I sensed the distress she was going through, prompting a swift realization that there was something amiss in the way I had been living my life.

Realizing the need for a vegan community in my town, I co-founded INVEG: Inland Northwest Vegans a few weeks after giving up dairy. Starting with modest potlucks and event booths, our initiative grew, culminating in the establishment of Spokane VegFest in 2014—an ambitious undertaking that marked a significant milestone.

In addition to local efforts, my involvement in supporting various VegFests around the country began in 2017. This expanded engagement allows me to contribute to the broader vegan movement and connect with like-minded individuals on a national scale.

The year 2015 brought further transformative changes, including my departure from a long-standing corporate job. While this transition posed challenges, it became a pivotal moment, reinforcing my commitment to only collaborate with companies that uphold strong ethical values, prioritize employee welfare, and champion sustainable practices.

josh-meckel-plant-powered-prophetI am passionate about leveraging my skills in web development, marketing, business strategy, and IT to empower organizations and individuals who share my commitment to a healthier, compassionate, and sustainable world. Currently residing with my feline companion, Spicy, in Spokane, I continue to explore avenues to make a positive impact and contribute to the collective journey toward a more conscious and ethical existence.

Corporate Life

From 2009-2015, I served as the IT director of a medium-sized e-commerce website, starting when I was the second employee in a home office above the owner’s garage. During my tenure, I played a pivotal role in boosting our sales by 50% year over year for five consecutive years. However, in 2015, I faced unexpected termination due to the owners disdain for my vegan lifestyle & philanthropic local projects in my spare time. This event propelled me into a transformative phase.

Instead of chasing after highly profitable job opportunities, I consciously decided to significantly reduce my expenses, by about 2/3rds.  Four months after my termination, I was offered a job with a salary just short of six figures. However, the job was with a morally corrupt company engaged in deceptive practices, scamming people with house flipping seminars. Despite the initial temptation—spending a weekend envisioning myself driving a new Tesla with autopilot to this new job—I realized that each salary increase over the years had gradually eroded my happiness. These raises came at the cost of my contentment, despite my significant contributions to my own nonprofit initiatives like INVeg and Spokane VegFest.

Deep contemplation made me apprehensive about accepting another corporate job. I understood that committing to such a position would limit my ability to aid numerous people and organizations, a realization that stemmed from my past experiences. While my previous job and natural gifts equipped me with valuable IT and web-related skills, it also taught me the importance of using these abilities for benevolent purposes rather than merely profit-driven endeavors. Consequently, I opted for a minimalistic lifestyle in this new phase of my life. However, I remain open to opportunities that align with my dedication to contributing to a more positive world. 

Presently, my focus lies in motivating others to heal themselves and contribute to the betterment of our planet. I’ve realized that activities many find enjoyable, such as watching TV or playing video games, pale in comparison to the fulfillment of helping others. As a result, I’ve relinquished most of these leisurely pursuits. These days, I dedicate the bulk of my time to supporting vegan organizations, including athletes, cookbook authors, various VegFests across North America, food companies, and animal sanctuaries. I also engage in coaching and mentoring others on plant-powered living, all while managing my responsibilities at INVEG and investing three months annually to organize Spokane VegFest. My health-related services have always been offered free of charge, and approximately 60% of my time is devoted to philanthropic pro-bono endeavors through the Loving Cooperative. My ultimate aspiration is to eventually subsidize my living expenses entirely, allowing me to pour all my time and energy into saving the planet through my nonprofit initiatives. Until then, I continue to contribute as much as possible.

Personal Beliefs


I reject the conventional notion of aging. Our cells regenerate every 7 years, challenging the idea that we should be confined by age. While acknowledging the passing of time, I believe we need not lose our youthful sense of adventure. At 18, I made a deliberate choice to freeze my age at 25, intending to preserve that mindset. This decision, initially lighthearted – as 25-year-olds are said to enjoy the lowest car insurance rates and can rent a car – has evolved. In my early 30s, I transitioned to an ageless response, eschewing specific numbers. I believe openly sharing an age might mislead, and I value honesty. I’ve encountered many individuals who exude a vitality surpassing their official age. It’s a subject I find engaging, and while I adhere to this practice for personal reasons, I hope to encourage others to reconsider the conventional narrative of aging. I maintain the privacy of my age, yet I’m open to ID checks, provided I remain unaware of the stated age. My birthday is March 12, a date nestled somewhere in the past!

Green Smoothies are the elixir of life! Since July 4th, 2015, I’ve made it a daily ritual to drink my Elixir Of Life Smoothie. I’m so committed to its benefits that I even carry my full-size Vitamix when I travel or pack frozen smoothies in my suitcase. I owe this dedication to one of my idols, Rich Roll, who frequently extols the virtues of green smoothies on his show. After listening to his recommendations for 7 months, I decided to give it a try. You can discover my recipe and delve deeper into my health journey here.

GIVING!!! – Giving/Loving unconditionally is paramount for healing and growing. This is the cornerstone of my existence. Loving unconditionally requires forgiveness work too. Here is a list of books/resources to help.