In July of 2017 I set out on a new journey into health. It was shortly after my good friend David of Fauxmage Vegan Cheese Co. moved to town. He wanted to start working out again and I was lead to do the same but not for the traditional reasons. I was simply tired of people not taking me seriously when I talked about protein and the benefits of my Plant-Powered Smoothie. I wanted to make gains for the animals so I could make a greater impact on the planet. What ensued was beyond my wildest imagination. The lbs of muscle simply grew almost over night. Since beginning I have been adding nearly 1lb of muscle a week for months now and I do not see an end in sight. You can read my blog post updates where I show all of the miraculous results. 

I have learned in life that anything done quickly is often cheap and that slow and steady wins the race, so contradictory to modern thinking I am taking this journey very slowly. I work out a very minimal amount compared to what people normally do. On average my active work outs are just over 2.5 hours a week. I do 2 strenuous workouts on Tuesday and Friday with my Partner/Coach David and then on Sunday I take a relaxed workout at my leisure. This simple routine has lead me to go from a measly 8 reps on the bench(appx 140 lbs) to 35+(as of 11/4/2017). Another unique feature of my regiment is no added calories or no noticeable increase 🙂 I am eating my normal appx 2000 calorie diet which encompasses my daily Elixir of Life Smoothie, and then dinner which is whatever I want. Learn about my diet here. I also still eat treats on a pretty regular basis. More with less has been my moto in life and business for years and it makes me want to cry when people increase their dietary intakes to 3k+ just to make muscle gains. One of my goals is to prove that one requires thousands of extra calories to make gains. So far I have shown it probably is true but I am still not huge, just better built. Time will tell. 🙂 

Here are a few of the amazing benefits & insights so far:

  • Even More Energy for Daily Life
  • MUCH More Strength and Stamina
  • Much Happier
    • I experienced a noticeable drop in happiness when I missed a regular workout in early October. I do not plan on doing that again. 
  • Better Physique
    • My arms, legs and chest are so much more defined. 
  • One does not need excess food to make gains!
    • Body building or getting in shape can be very sustainable. It is still very hard work when you are working out but overall, this is a million times easier than I would have ever imagined. 
  • Keeping to a schedule is KEY! 
    • David and I set our schedule for 1pm Tuesday and Friday. Except for when one of us was out of town, we never missed and when David was gone, I stuck to the days of working out. I actually had some of my best and hardest workouts alone. Once he returned I shared my insights and we got a much better routine setup 🙂 


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