Dr. Barnard just wrote an insightful article for The Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine website, which breaks down many of the myths surrounding the simple bean called soy. This is probably my favorite line in the article. “Estrogen plays a central role in breast cancer development and progression. Soy foods not only have an antiestrogen effect but also have antiproliferation, antioxidation, and many other anticancer properties.”

I cannot tell you how often people argue with me about soy and their belief that it is going to cause cancer especially women who are concerned about breast cancer. But in reality soy intake can severely reduce the chances and also can reverse cancer in the breast. The vilifying of soy is one of the most tragic things that have occurred in the past few decades. I wonder how many people could have been saved if this BS had not been spread.

There is a small percentage of people who are actually allergic to soy but this just like the people who are allergic to corn, rice, and countless other plants. Allergies happen but because a few are allergic does not mean the whole society should be boycotting it. I would say wheat is much more dangerous to the masses than soy.

You can read his whole article below. I highly recommend it.

No Debate: Soy is Beneficial to Health